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Buying weed online can be an enjoyable, but yet overwhelming experience at the same time. If you are a new user, you might be impressed by the variety of products that are sold by online cannabis retailers: Cannabis strains, cannabis edibles, vape pens, cannabis concentrates, tinctures… It can be difficult to make a choice, unless you know how to buy weed online

To make things easier for you, we would like to present you the complete shopping guide on how to buy weed online in Canada. From finding the right product for your to placing your order and finally receiving your product. 

Knowing the type of cannabis you want

There is a reason why you are reading this article, you want to buy weed online, but do you actually know what you want? Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I want to buy weed online to treat a specific health condition?
  • What kind of effects am I after?
  • Do I want to get high? 
  • Do I want THC, CBD or hybrid?
  • Do I want Sativa, Indica or hybrid strains?
  • Which consumption method is the best for me? 
  • What kind of dosage should I buy?

All cannabis products and consumption methods won’t have the same effects. For instance, if you buy weed online and want to feel effects quickly, go for cannabis strains and weed vape pens. On the contrary, if you are more after diffuse but long lasting effects, cannabis edibles and concentrates will be perfect for you. The idea when you buy weed online is to choose the intake methods that will best suit the benefits you are after. Not only that but also the right cannabis compound. THC will get you high, when CBD won’t. Sativa will be perfect if you need energy and focus, when Indica will be better for anxiety or sleep.  

The last thing you should think about when you buy weed online is which dosage to buy. If you are a new user, you should always start with a low dosage and wait to feel the effects before taking something else. Once you are used to a dosage, don’t hesitate to increase dosage, but the key to avoid any bad experience is to really go slow. 

Finding the online cannabis retailer for you

Now that you know what you want, here comes the fun part: Shopping! If you type “buy weed online” in Google, you will find different online cannabis retailers. How to pick one other the other? There are a few things you should consider asking yourself:

  • Do they have the products I want?  
  • Do they have good reviews?
  • How big is their product selection? 
  • How competitive are their prices? 

We, at Puffland, almost make sure to provide you with a large selection of cannabis products because we know how important it is to have the right product to get the right benefits and effects. We work hard to find the best vendors and products that will please our customers, their taste, habits and wallets. That is why we have such a good reputation among cannabis users in Canada. Try looking on places such as Reddit or CanadianMOM forums for past customer feedback. While one or two negative reviews might be unavoidable, if there is an overwhelming amount of negative feedback associated with a certain retailer, they might be best avoided. 

Since not sure which online cannabis retailer to choose? Have you checked their prices and delivery fees? Do they offer discounts and loyalty perks? 

Placing your order

There is nothing more simple than placing an order online. Like any other ecommerce platforms, all you have to do when you buy weed online is to place your items in the cart and fill in the shipping details. Some websites, like Puffland, offer free shipping if you meet a certain minimum, so if you are already close to that threshold, you may want to top up just a bit more. Once you are ready, head to the checkout to complete your order. 

At this point, depending on the site you are shopping from, the next steps can differ. Some online cannabis retailers may offer Credit Card payment, some accept cryptocurrency. However, 95% of online cannabis retailers accept payment via Interact e-transfer, including Puffland, which is safer for both the seller and buyer. If you buy from Puffland, check your email inbox for the next step to your ordering process. 

Sending your payment

You are literally one e-transfer away from buying weed online! At this point, you should be receiving an order confirmation email in your inbox, just after placing your order. The email will ask you to send payment via Interac e-Transfer. Once you complete your payment, just sit tight, your order is on its way! Depending on the shipping option you chose during checkout, you can track your shipment on the Canada Post website, DHL, FedEx or Purolator. Depending on websites and locations, orders can arrive between 1 to 5 days. 


With this guide, hopefully you’ve gotten a good grasp of how to buy weed online in Canada. If you decide to use Puffland for your next cannabis purchase and have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you out in finding the right product among our premium selection of weed strains, cannabis edibles, cannabis concentrates, tinctures and weed vape pens!

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