Our 5 Favourite Summer Cannabis Edibles From Mota Edibles


Summer is the ideal season to gather with friends and family, relax or explore. Whether your summer plans involve the beach, a BBQ, a hike, a road trip or all the above, one thing that can make these sunny and warm months even better are cannabis edibles. They are the little kick of relaxation, energy and fun that can make a great day even better. It can be hard to buy weed online in Canada when you don’t know which brands or products to buy. That’s why we selected for you our 5 favourite summer cannabis edibles to shop when you buy weed online. But not any cannabis edibles. Mota Edibles! This brand is making one the best cannabis edibles you can find on the market in Canada. 

Iced Tea Mix


There is nothing more refreshing than a cold drink when the temperatures are rising. Why don’t you sit tight and sip a delicious cup of ice tea. Infused with CBD and with a fresh flavour of citrus, this Mota Edibles beverage will become your go to iced drink.  

mota cotton candy


Cotton candy is a synonym of fun, summer fairs and amusement parks. If you are looking for a flavour that will go hand in hand with your summer activities, choose these delicious THC gummies from Mota Edibles. 

mota White Sphere


Looking for high dosage CBD gummies for the long summer nights? This clear sphere from Mota Edibles is what you need to shop. The exotic pineapple flavour of this candy will send you to the most tropical destinations while the high CBD dosage will provide a great feeling of relaxation and happiness. 

buy cannabis online - cannabis edible mota cbd gummies

Available in Indica or Hybrid, these THC and CBD gummies come in flavours that are particularly enjoyable during Summer: Peach and Watermelon. The shape and dosage of these candies from Mota Edibles is perfect whether you are looking to have a bit of fun or want relief after a busy day.


There is no better combination than caramel and chocolate. Imagine, then, what you can get from the combination of caramel, chocolate, CBD and THC! This is the perfect treat after a day outside. Just put this Mota Edibles product into your mouth and let it melt! 


Want to take a look at our full selection of cannabis edibles? We, at Puffland, only sell the best quality and premium cannabis brands. From Mota Edibles, Herbivores Edibles, Marys Edibles, Twisted Extracts or Shatter Bars, you are sure to find the pot brownies, baked edibles, cannabis capsules, cannabis chocolates and THC & CBD gummies you are looking for if you buy weed online in Canada with Puffland.

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