Hemp oil for pain: why and how to use it?


Although research on the effectiveness of hemp oil as a natural pain reliever is still in its early stages, several studies have demonstrated that hemp oil’s active ingredient – CBD, can help alleviate pain. Many cannabis (hemp) patients often swear by CBD as an antidote to commonly used artificial, potentially addictive painkillers.

Although there is no ideal form of hemp for pain relief, many people think that vaping CBD or using CBD sublingually is the fastest way to get started. Both have a combination of ease of use, comfort and optimum absorption.

To get the most out of CBD as a form of pain relief, begin with a mild dose and change your use depending on your body’s reaction. With time, you may find that hemp can help you alleviate chronic pain more efficiently than other alternatives.

Bear in mind that while CBD can have certain advantages, it is not a cure-all and should not be used as an alternative to other pain-care therapies. Instead, CBD should be considered as a supportive drug to add to your pain relief toolbox.

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