Buy Weed Online In Canada: Tips To Shop Cannabis Edibles


CBD gummies, cannabis chocolate, pot brownies, weed cookies, sweets and snacks… When it comes to cannabis and cannabis edibles, lots of brands and products are available. There is so much variety that it can be a bit difficult to buy weed online and only put a reasonable amount of edibles in your cart.  If you want to keep your bank advisor happy and still fit in your favourite jeans, here are a few things about cannabis edibles that might come handy next time you buy weed online in Canada

What are cannabis edibles? 

Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular consumption methods when it comes to cannabis. There are a lot of products that are infused with marijuana in them. Some of them are baked goods (pot brownies or weed cookies for example), gummies, chocolates, drinks, capsules or tinctures. Some cannabis users are even making their own weed edibles using CBD oil or cannabutter. 

Health benefits of cannabis edibles

Not all cannabis edibles will have the same health benefits or effects. It will depend on a few things:

  • the dosage you are taking,
  • if there is CBD, THC or both,
  • if there is Indica, Sativa or both,
  • what kind of cannabis extract is used in the recipe,
  • if you are a new or regular user
  • if you have an empty stomach or had alcohol

Generally speaking, it takes 2 to 5 hours to feel the benefits of cannabis when consumed through weed edibles, because it is the time your body will process the edibles in your digestive system. Effects and benefits will be slow to appear but they will last really long. 

Cannabis edibles are known to help patients with different health issues such as cancer, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, depression, muscle spasms or arthritis for example, especially if they are highly dosed in CBD, such as CBD gummies. Cannabis edibles are also commonly used to treat patients who suffer from poor appetite and weight loss. 

Cannabis edibles versus smoking 

When you smoke a joint or through a vape, you first ingest cannabis into your lungs before any other organs in your body do. With weed edibles, cannabis first slowly moves into your stomach before it goes to other organs. Cannabis will stay longer in your system, allowing a diffuse and longer release of effects. On the contrary, when you smoke, effects are immediate, that’s why a lot of people will opt for it. Why are cannabis edibles so popular then? They taste good! With most edibles, you don’t get the unpleasant cannabis taste in your mouth, you can try different flavours and shapes (chocolate, caramels, cookies, drinks…). You can even buy cannabis tinctures or oils that you can add to pretty much any food you like. 

Considering how slow the effects of cannabis edibles can start to kick in, it is recommended to be cautious and mindful of dosage. It could be easy to eat too many weed cookies at once and go over your recommended dosage, just because you don’t feel any effects (yet). If you try edibles for the first time, it is always advised to start with the lowest dosage available and then increase if necessary once 2-3 hours have passed. 

Different types of cannabis edibles 

When you buy weed online in Canada, and more specifically cannabis edibles, you can find a wide variety of products that just look like regular food such as candies, chocolates, baked food, beverages, but that contain CBD, THC or both. 

Below are types of edibles that you must try:

THC and CBD gummies

This is one of the most popular cannabis edibles. THC and CBD gummies can take all kinds of forms, shapes and flavours, from the regular gummy bears to sour worms. Which ones will be your favourites?

Cannabis-infused drinks 

From cannabis-infused beers, tea or cocoa, if you want to experience drinking high, there are many non-carbonated drinks and juices available with weed infusion. It is a great option for people who want to get high with a little refreshing punch, but also for anyone who wants to relax after a stressful work day.  

Baked edibles

If pot brownies and weed cookies are the most popular baked edibles, cannabis edibles manufacturers have worked hard to give you access to the most delicious treats. Most of your favourite regular baked goods have their cannabis version. Don’t wait to try them out.  

Cannabis chocolates

White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, with almond or toffee… If you love chocolate you will find the cannabis chocolate bars for you. With CBD, THC or both, there is lots of choice on the market. 

Cannabis capsules and tinctures

In capsules or drops, with CBD, THC, Indica or Sativa, if you are looking for a convenient way to get a specific cannabis dosage to treat a health condition, these cannabis edibles are perfect. With these products you will just get what you need: 100% cannabis and nothing more, nothing less. 

Cannabis edibles: Our recommendations

At Puffland, we offer top-notch products only. Here are some the best and most popular cannabis edibles you can shop with us:

Most popular cannabis-infused drink: Mota Edibles Ice Tea Mix

Iced Tea Mix

Most popular cannabis capsules: Mota Edibles Full Spectrum CBD CapsulesFull Spectrum CBD Capsules | By Mota | 30mg x 30 caps | 900mg CBD

Most popular CBD gummies: Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombstwisted extracts jelly bombs

Most popular cannabis chocolate: Boost Edibles Chocolate Bar


Most popular baked cannabis edible: Marys Edibles Pot Brownies


Ready to buy weed online in Canada? If you are looking for premium quality cannabis edibles, Puffland has the best selection in Canada. Mota Edibles, Herbivores Edibles, Marys, Twisted Extracts… We only carry the best brands on the market to offer you the best cannabis experience, whether you shop for cannabis infused drinks, cannabis chocolates, pot brownies, weed cookies, cannabis capsules or THC & CBD gummies. Don’t wait to shop with us. 

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